Are invisible aligners safe for teeth straightening?


Are invisible aligners safe for teeth straightening?

When it comes to any kind of dental treatment or product, ensuring that your chosen option is safe and healthy for you & your smile is very important. We want you to reach your dental health goals and making sure that you are comfortable with your choices is an important part of that. For that reason, we’ll take a closer look at the question of whether or not invisible aligners are safe.

Are invisible aligners safe?

It would be irresponsible to say that any kind of device or product, especially a dental product, is entirely the same. There is a potential risk with any treatment and fitting any product. Some invisible braces are made using materials that may be harmful to wearers. However, that’s not the case with products from ALIGNERCO. Below, we deeply look at health concerns that might be on your mind, and how our products face up to them.

Made of BPA free RaintreeEssix plastic

The greatest safety concern comes from the fact that you are going to be in constant contact with a plastic device. Particularly, one that’s in your mouth. However, our braces, like many modern invisible braces, don’t contain BPA (or Bisphenol-A). This industrial chemical is used in a wide range of plastic products, including braces until it was linked to increased risk of fertility problems and impotence, heart disease, and other significant health risks. As a result, it’s not used in high-quality products, including the invisible aligners available from ALIGNERCO.

Our BPA free aligners are one of the safest options on the market. They are prescribed by our specialized team of dental experts. They are also generally safe for pregnant women. None of the materials used in invisible aligners has been known to have any effect on unborn children at all. This makes it safer than some of the traditional options.

The risks of traditional braces

It’s important to know the risks associated with each of your options when it comes to teeth straightening treatments. One of the reasons more people are using invisible braces is because they aren’t as much metal as the more traditional option. Older metal braces can release iron, chromium, and nickel ions, which can lead to allergic reactions. They also increase the risk of lacerations to the lips, gums, and tongue as a result of accidents.

The risks of invisible braces

By comparison, invisible braces are much less likely to cause or exacerbate an injury or to cause an allergic reaction. There have been zero reported incidents of deaths or serious medical reactions with them. There have been some reports of allergic reactions, but this has been the case for fewer than 40 patients over 5 years throughout the US.

Learn more about invisible aligners from ALIGNERCO

If you want to know more about any of the invisible aligners that we have on offer, you can check out our FAQ page, where we address a range of concerns. We also recommend you to get in touch with our team through the on-site chat or by calling us at 1 (877) 940-1561.

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Comments ( 46 )

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Anytime i hear of teeth straightening treatment, I always think of the risks involved and how to stay safe after the whole stuff. Thanks for this educative post.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      It’s our pleasure highlighting the risks involved in any teeth straightening process.

  • AJ

    Teeth straightening really is something a lot of people nowadays want to have, with a lot of options available. Compared to traditional braces, it has its own advantages (no accidental lip, gum or tongue lacerations) as well as disadvantages (such as possible severe allergic reactions). People should need to weigh what option they want before opting for braces.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      We agree, when the aligners are made of unacceptable materials, they do pose a risk for allergic reactions. Thankfully with AlignerCo, you don’t have to worry about it as the material we use is complete safe, BPA-Free and medical grade.

  • joynb

    There are many reasons why people undergo teeth straightening procedures. While metal braces are way much better at retaining the anatomical position of teeth, there are definitely risks involved, which this article also pointed out. What I really do not like about the traditional braces is that food particles tend to get stuck in between the spaces. It is good that there are now better alternatives to the conventional dental brace.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Dear Joy, Thank you for you comment. Straight teeth are healthier teeth!

  • Doug

    Well these invisible aligners sound pretty safe, so that’s a good thing. I definitely want my teeth straightened but not with any health risks involved that for sure.

    • Glad

      What! I never knew that braces contained BPA. Well, it is good to know that Alignerco braces are not only invisible but are also BPA free and more comfortable to use.

      • ALIGNERCO Team

        Hi Glad, our aligners are made by an internationally patented unique process, which involves advanced technology supported by customized software and mechanical systems. And yes, they are BPA free. Thanks

  • Shantel

    From the article I can see that invisible braces are much more better than the metallic ones. I guess it’s time to change my braces!

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Shantel, you are right its time for a change from visible braces to clear aligners. Kindly follow the link below to place your order:

  • Anderson

    AlignerCo braces are so safe compared to most other braces in the market. You have my stamp of approval!

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Our aligners are safe and easy to remove.
      If our expert dental team determines that you are not fit for an aligner treatment, we will refund 100% of the impression kit amount to you.

  • Storm

    Yours has to be the best teeth straightening treatment I have come across. I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and family.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Storm, thank you so much for this wonderful comment and for recommending us to others so that they can make the right choice.

  • Sylvia

    The risks associated with traditional braces are non existent when using invisible braces.I think that’s a big plus right there!

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Dear Sylvia, you are right and the best part about this process is there are no dental visits involved and you can wear and remove aligners yourself. Thanks

  • Wilson Jake

    Wow, I need teeth straightening treatment, and this aligns looks is so healthy for all to use. Check it out

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Wilson, you are welcome and you can place your order on our website. We are so glad you chose ALIGNERCO over other companies.

  • Prince

    Most of us needs teeth straightening and have been looking around for an healthy solution. This is one that you can trust.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Prince, Thank you so much for your trust. This means a lot to us.

  • Obalade Damilola

    Their are lots of risks involved in using aligners and the fact that this article covers peoples concern about this products is great

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Obalade, thank you so much for your comment.

  • Roy

    I think invisible aligners are the perfect as a teeth straightening remedy. They are much more safer than traditional straighteners.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Roy, Thank you for leaving a comment. Invisible aligners are the best option in today’s busy life as you can get the treatment at your home.

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    • AlignerCo Team

      Thank you for your comment. Our aligners are handcrafted, and they are trimmed to the gum line. They are a snug fit and are more comfortable to wear. And we also monitor your teeth movement through out the process.

  • Teddy

    I have been thinking about doing teeth straightening recently. This article comes at a very good time for me.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Glad we could help! Do take our assessment to get started:

  • Louis

    I quite like the idea of invisible aligners. They are aesthetically more pleasant not to mention the numerous other benefits they have.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Yes, absolutely. Especially works wonders for adults who don’t want to show up at work with metal braces in their mouth 😉

  • Daphne

    I think this is the best teeth straightening treatment out there. The safety record is simply impeccable!

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Thank you so much for the positive comment!

  • Meg W

    With invisible aligners there are no metallic components, which is why I chose them. I highly recommend invisible aligners.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Meg W, Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, the invisible aligners are clearest ones without any support of metal & wire. Please reach us out at for more details.

  • Meldred Judith

    This is one safe way of having your teeth straightened out. I might give this a try.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Meldred, Thank you for your interest in ALIGNERCO clear aligners. please reach us out at for more details.

  • Patricia

    Until today I had no idea that invisible braces actually exist. I could really use a pair 🙂

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Patricia, Thank you for your interest in ALIGNERCO clear aligners. You are requested to please reach us at, we are always available to assist you.

  • Oliver

    I am in full support of the invisible aligners as they are very safe. Safety is always paramount when it comes to health accessories.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Oliver, You are correct safety is a very important factor among health accessories and ALIGNERCO has taken all safety measures and precautions to ensure customers security.

  • Danica

    I wish they’d get rid of BPA in everything. You are doing everyone a great service by offering the clear braces without BPA. Should be a crime for people who make them with it!!!

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Danica, Thank your for your comment. We strive to provide quality aligners at affordable prices.

  • Calvin Reid

    I didn’t even consider BPA… so glad to know it’s not in there.

  • Switch

    It sad to know what people had to bear going through a teeth straightening treatment.

  • Segunmanuel

    Good to know with invisible aligners you’re safe.

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