Clear Braces Vs Wire Braces

Know all about clear braces and wire braces, so that you can pick the best dental treatment.

Let’s see if ALIGNERCO invisible aligners are a good fit for you!

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Clear Braces Cost

Straighten your teeth with ALIGNERCO. Our clear braces cost much less than other traditional braces. Get the same quality of treatment and care you would receive in office without the extra cost.

Difference between clear braces and wire braces

If you would like to have straighter or neater teeth, you may be wondering whether you should opt for Clear braces or Wire braces. The differences between clear braces vs wire braces will help you to understand which are best.

Differences Clear Braces Wire Braces
Look and feel Clear braces are smooth and comfortable to wear. They are not noticeable Wire braces are visible and anyone can notice.
Wearability You can remove clear braces on your own and you don’t need an expert. Wire braces are permanent and cannot be removed during treatment; they are only removed by the orthodontist when the teeth have reached their desired position.
Eating With clear braces, you have got more adaptability to eat anything you need. With wire braces, it is recommended to avoid eating foods that are too hard which can cause the wires to break and to avoid chewy foods that can get stuck into the wires and brackets.
Cleaning Clear braces are easily removable and you can clean it easily. While cleaning not to use toothpaste because the harshness of glue can scratch your clear braces With wire braces it is difficult to clean your teeth, the wires which are surrounded around the teeth become nearly impossible to floss and difficult to brush.
Dental visit Clear braces give you the flexibility of not visiting a dentist every month and you can change your area without hampering your treatment. With fixed wire braces, the dentist visits are usually monthly and the worst part is if the wire comes out, then you have to rush to your dentist.
Duration The duration of clear braces varies from case to case; usually, the treatment takes 6-11 months to straighten your teeth Wire braces need to be worn 24*7 for at least 2 years.
Pain People usually experience less pain with clear braces. When you look at the wire braces inside one’s mouth, the first impression is extreme torment. While changing the wire pain is unbearable.
Cost Clear braces cost $1,145.00 Wire braces cost $6,000.00

Order your ALIGNERCO Clear Braces

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What’s Great About ALIGNERCO Clear Braces

Our Guarantee

100% money back of the impression kit if later our team of experts determine that you are not a right candidate. A treatment with ALIGNERCO gives you the security that you would expect from team of experts treatment.

Your case supervised by our team of experts

Your case will be reviewed, planned and approved by a licensed team of experts who is experienced in aligner treatment.

Most Affordable Pricing

We offer the most affordable invisible aligners across the country.

Quick customer service support

ALIGNERCO strictly believes in competency and higher standards that’s why we are always there to answer any questions you have about the ALIGNERCO clear aligner. Feel free to send us an email at or call us on 1-877-840-1561

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Frequently Asked Questions About Clear Braces

Clear braces are a series of removable aligners made of clear material that gently straighten your teeth.

Once a treatment plan is created from your dental impressions, you are required to wear a series of aligners for a given period of time as prescribed. The clear braces gently move your teeth into the desired position afterwhich you need to wear a retainer to maintain the results of your treatment.

Yes, you can eat anything you want by taking off your clear braces during the meal.

The clear braces treatment is absolutely safe but it is requested to begin your treatment after having gotten a routine check-up done at your Dentist’s in the past 6 months. Any prior oral issues have to be taken care of before beginning your treatment.

AlignerCo’s braces cost $1145. You can order them here.

An impression kit is used to get molds of your teeth and to create your treatment. It contains a cheek retractor, impression trays, practice putty, prepaid shipping label, neutral and colored putty, and an impression guide.

Yes. Anyone who has shed all their primary teeth can opt for clear braces.

Clear braces fit snugly against the teeth so while speaking there is no problem. Clear braces are removable so you can remove it anytime. Clear braces are discreet, comfortable and effective.

Depending on the severity of the case, you might only wear them for 6 months or up to a year. But you need to strictly follow the instruction given in the guide.

Feel free to send us an Email at or contact us on 1-877-840-1561