How cosmetic dentistry can help you with confidence and better career moves!

Cosmetic dentistry can help you with confidence and better career moves

How cosmetic dentistry can help you with confidence and better career moves!

  • Published Date: 07 Sep 2020
  • Updated Date: 22 Sep 2020
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Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that aims to improve your smile, appearance of your teeth, and mouth. A term, often interchangeable with aesthetic dentistry, is a vast field that entails modern procedures used for teeth whitening to replacing missing teeth and everything in between.

Cosmetic dentistry has gone mainstream. There are tons of procedures that are used to make you look good just by fixing minor imperfections with a little bit of help from your cosmetic dentist. Procedures like teeth straightening via clear aligners or clear braces, dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers to name a few, are not just fancy words for fancy people, they are affordable and life-changing treatments.

Do you know that once you lose your permanent teeth, they don’t grow back? 

Well, it seems like it is not a problem anymore. With this revolutionary dental field, you can get yourself an implant anytime, anywhere. 

 If you are blessed with a beautiful set of pearlies, then this might not interest you but for those who have been living shyly because of their awful smile, this is like finding a pearl in a shell that was placed deep at the bottom of the ocean. They just won the lottery!


A perfect smile radiates happiness and joy. It builds a connection between you and the other person before you even speak. 

Let’s do a little experiment. From now on, put a smile on your face when you are meeting a friend, a colleague, or maybe your landlord. You will see the effects of your smile on them even before you speak. It is like building an invisible channel that allows the other person to understand you without words. It might help you sneak away from your landlord if your rent is due. Lol!

People with a set of beautiful teeth and a perfect smile seem to be more comfortable with their life choices. It is believed that a perfect smile opens doors for you towards building stronger and long-lasting connections with your peers and colleagues. I understand if you think how a beautiful set of teeth helps you make good connections? 

It is not exactly the teeth but the science behind having them. Science says that having a beautiful and attractive smile reduces your stress and anxiety levels because you smile openly and daringly. Our brain picks the signal when we have a smile on our face and double the serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that stabilizes our moods and feelings of well being and happiness. When you are happy, people enjoy your company. 


A perfect smile is not just important to look good in photos, it is important because it leads to higher self-esteem and boost in confidence. It has been proven that a person with a beautiful set of teeth tends to smile more often without any hesitation. They tend to be more confident and socially vibrant. They are the shining stars twinkling in the dark sky.

Research has found that during job interviews the person whose smile was considered pretty and attractive was perceived to be a better candidate for the position. A great smile also suggests that you can be a positive influence on other employees which ultimately benefits the company. 

A great smile also suggests you can be a positive influence in the office.  In one study, when a positive, smiling person entered the room, his mood was picked up by the rest of the group almost instantly and the performance of each individual improved as did the group’s ability to achieve its goal.

Living a happy and fulfilling life enables you to see life in the seven colors of the rainbow rather than just in black and white. It is no secret that when your inner self is happy, you tend to make healthy and better choices, both in your personal and professional life. According to one survey, having a perfect smile is more important than having a perfect body.

Finally, owning a beautiful set of teeth is good for your overall physical health! 

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Comments ( 10 )

  • Russell

    It’s always amazed me that in England they don’t seem to care about their teeth as much, I’ve seen some people where their smile is so crooked and teeth are yellow. I guess it’s a cultural thing there.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Dear Russell

      Yes, expectations and priorities differ from culture to culture! But the feel-good factor is always common.

      All the very best,
      Team ALIGNERCO

  • Gavin

    A smile can make or break your appearance #realtalk.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Dear Gavin

      We couldn’t agree more! It is important that we worry about how we come across to people! When we work on that, the positive attitude shows!

      Best Regards,
      Team ALIGNERCO

  • Rossana

    I’m starting to get very self conscious about the gap in between my front teeth! I want an easy way to fix this gap if possible.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Rossana

      Aligners are the easiest and efficient choice to fix that gap that makes you conscious.

      Team ALIGNERCO

  • Savannah

    Since I got veneers, I am smiling so much. I want to show them off! 😀 I can see how someone getting their teeth straightened can boost confidence.

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Dear Savannah

      Thank you so much for those wise words and yes when you have attractive assets, you are more likely to show them off…Keep smiling!

      Best Regards,
      Team ALIGNERCO

  • Christian

    There is a certain positivity one gets from being around someone with a beaming smile 🙂

    • ALIGNERCO Team

      Hi Christian,

      Thank you for your kind words, indeed a beautiful smile is an essential part of a charismatic personality.

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