How To Make Dental Impressions At Home – A Comprehensive Guide


1. Steps to make impressions at home

1.1 Keep Track of Time

1.2 Clean Your Hands and Brush Your Teeth

1.3 Check that the Impression Trays Fit

1.4 Blend and Shape the Impresion Putties

1.5 Take Impressions

1.6 Send Photos with different angles for Approval

1.7 Mail Your Impressions

1.8 Send Photos of Your Teeth

1.9 Receive Your Treatment Plan and Aligners

2. Order Impression Kit if you haven’t already

Steps to make impressions at home

The initial step to start your ALIGNERCO treatment plan is to make the dental impressions of your teeth. This is something that you can easily do at your home with our impressions kit. When you order your impression kit, we’ll mail it to you at your doorstep and after taking your impressions you can mail them back to us by using the prepaid return label included in the impression kit. It’s important to understand the process so that you can take accurate impressions, and we can create a treatment plan (Before & After) that works for you.

Use this guide to take your impressions the right way so you can receive your treatment plan.

Keep Track of Time

Before you take your impressions, make sure you’ve something that can be used to keep track of time. You need to take your impressions quickly, so it’s important to make sure you’re not taking too long. Your phone or a watch will be ideal; you just need something that you can use to count seconds and minutes.

Clean Your Hands and Brush Your Teeth

First clean your hands thoroughly and get ready to take your impressions. This is important to ensure a hygienic process and to prevent anything from getting into the putty you will use. You should also brush your teeth so that they’re clean and ready to make neat impressions.

Check that the Impression Trays Fit

It’s necessary to check that the impression trays fit your mouth before taking any impressions. If they don’t fit, you can contact us and we will send smaller or larger trays that are suitable. Without putting anything in the trays, insert them into your mouth by aiming the centre of the tray and check that they are not too loose/tight in your mouth. The walls of the tray must not scratch your teeth. The tray must cover all of your teeth including back molars. Check both the lower and upper trays and email at if you need different sizes.

Blend and Shape the Impression Putties

Now your phone or watch will come in handy as a timer. Your impression kit contains a white putty and coloured putty, which needs to be mixed together. Mix a jar of white putty with one of the coloured putties until they are completely blended. You should try to do this in less than 30 seconds. Once there are no streaks, and you have a solid colour, shape the putty into a sausage shape by rolling it between your palms. It needs to be long enough to reach both ends of the impression tray. Fix the sausage into the tray, making sure it covers the whole tray and its edges. You should do this in no more than 15 seconds.

Take Impressions

To take an impression, place the tray in your mouth and aim the centre of the tray. Use your fingers to press the tray into your teeth, making sure that the putty reaches your gums. You should wait for four and a half minutes and then pull the tray straight off. Leave the impression in the plastic tray.

You then need to repeat this process until you have two impressions of your upper arch and two of your lower arch OR read the instructions provided by the smile specialist.

Send Photos with different angles for Approval

Before you mail your impressions to ALIGNERCO, email photos of your impressions with different angles so that they can be approved. Wait to receive approval for your impressions before you do anything else.

To make sure your impressions get approved, check that:

• You don’t remove the tray too early

• You mix the putty properly

• The impression area is covered by the putty, with no tray showing

• The impression is evenly pressed throughout

• The entire area of the teeth is captured, including back molars

• You have only pressed once into the putty


Mail Your Impressions

Once you receive approval for your impressions, place them into the impressions kit box. Use the prepaid return shipping label to ship your impressions back to ALIGNERCO.

Send Photos of Your Teeth

You will also need to send us photos of your teeth to help us create your treatment plan. To do this, use the cheek retractor to take the required five pictures.

You should have photos of:

• A front view with teeth clenched

• Right side view

• Left side view

• Upper occlusal

• Lower occlusal

Receive Your Treatment Plan and Aligners

After your impressions have been received by mail, it will be about 10 business days before you receive your prescribed treatment plan by email. The next step is to approve your treatment plan, and it will then take around 14 to 17 business days to fabricate your customized aligners.

Note: Do not remove your impressions from the trays. If you do so, no matter how good the impressions are, they simply will not be workable.


Yet to order your kit? Order ALIGNERCO’s impression kit today!

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  1. I would definitely do this at home once everything all I need is already in stores. My teeth need more care now since I’ve been a smoker.

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  4. This impression guide Is wonderful, one can make impression at home now. Follow the guidelines properly, the video can be of a greater help to. Thanks for this detailed article

  5. The invisible aligners are wonderful, you don’t have to shroud that dazzling smile of yours. Presently it’s simple, you would now be able to convey dental aligner at home.

  6. The procedures for making dental impression after collecting the impression kit looks cumbersome.. Can someone follow this steps without the assistance of a professional?..this steps doesn’t look like a piece of cake..maybe I’m just the only one who think that way

  7. These dental impressions are very important. It is a guide to properly care our teeth and aligners.

  8. I love this guidelines you have provided because they are so detailed and easy to follow. I have to bookmark this page and come back.

  9. Thank you for your interest in ALIGNERCO. You can start this process now as everything that you will need is available from our end. kindly follow the link to place your order and you will need to remove the aligners easily out of your teeth while smoking so it should not be an issue. Thanks

  10. Thank you for taking time out and leaving us a wonderful comment. Yes, you are right invisible aligners are crystal clear and they look beautiful on teeth. You can easily wear them anywhere and the best thing is you can get this treatment done in the confines of your home.

  11. You are welcome. We would like to encourage everyone with teeth straightening issues and want to tell them that teeth straightening at home is a very simple process. You can straighten teeth without braces from the comfort of your home, under the guidance of our Dental Professionals.

  12. Thank you for your comment. Yes! With remote teledentistry, you can straighten teeth without braces from the comfort of your own home and if you follow the guidelines properly then you can save both, time and money.

  13. Dear Obalade,

    We would like to let you know that you are not the only one who thinks of the impression kit as a challenge. But, once you try it, you will see that it’s not a piece of cake, but doable.
    We are always around to help you if you are nervous about doing it yourself, via a video call.
    You never know until you give it a go!
    Good Luck and Best Regards,

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    Thank you for leaving a comment. Do get in touch with us, if you need to purchase an impression kit to start your smile journey with us!
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  15. Thank you for this comprehensive guide on taking impression at home. It will be very handy for anyone planning to do it at home.

  16. Thank you for your comment. Yes, our aligners are crystal clear and trimmed to the gum line. No one can notice them easily.

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    Thank you for leaving a comment. This is a complete guide on how you can make impressions at home. And if our customers still need our help we are always around to help them, via a video call.

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    You are right straight teeth are more attractive and aligners too as they are very less noticeable.

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    Thank you for your comment. If our customers still need any help we are always there to assist them via video sessions.

  20. Thank you so much for the positive comment! We are always there to help our customers and whoever is interested in aligners treatment.

  21. If I mess up doing the impressions am I able to re-do them? I’m so scared I’ll mess something up!

  22. Hi Kristin, Thank you for your comment. There is nothing to worry about we always offer a video session to our prospects who need help with impression taking process. Kindly reach us out at or give us a call at (877) 840 1561 for further assistance.

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