6 reviews for NightFlex

  1. Duras Porcher

    At first, I thought it would be difficult in shaping them to fit my upper teeth, but in actuality it was very easy. I would find myself grinding my teeth at night sometimes and also it has few gaps. Using these Aligners at night has prevented this and made me happy. Less expensive than what the dentist recommended and does the same work.

  2. Larby Rogers

    I’ve always wanted perfect teeth… Who doesn’t, right? My teeth have always been rather straight, but with a few small imperfections: a few gaps and an overbite. While doing my research for which brand of invisible braces I should go with, I stumbled upon AlignerCo. I found they had the best reviews and now I can say I personally understand why. Not even completely finished with my treatment, my gaps are no longer there! Not only are my pearly whites looking better than ever, I can honestly say that the AlignerCo team is phenomenal. They always get back to you within a reasonable time, answering any and all of your questions. I’m so happy with my decision to go with alignerco.

  3. Unser Saylor

    I am on week 3 of my aligners! I have aligners on both top and bottom. So far, I do not have any complaints! I noticed a difference between day 1 and day 15 and that’s when I knew it definitely was working! I find AlignerCo to be very beneficial because I’m also more aware of my eating habits (I stopped snacking because I didn’t want to take out my aligners all the time) and it was relatively cheap compared to Invisalign. I look forward to the rest of my treatment!

  4. Kesha Revie

    Never in a million years did I ever imagine my teeth would be looking so good. I am only on week 10 and the difference I see already is unimaginable. I am mad that I didn’t do this sooner. I am so happy with the results so far and can’t wait to see my final smile. Thank you, ALIGNERCO!!

  5. Schae Sams

    The updates are very sufficient and professional. Whenever I have a question or if I’m concerned about something, they’re always there to let me know everything I should know. They keep me updated all the time, that has never been a problem for me. I am about half way through my treatment plan and my smile is getting better and better every day. They have been responsive and courteous throughout the process. And it really was easy to get started. If this is something you’ve been thinking about, just DO IT! Thanks AlignerCo!

  6. Velle Sands

    The AlignerCo team went above and beyond! My lower teeth didn’t move as much as they should have. When I reached out to the customer service team they were amazing! They are working with me to assure I get MY desired look! I am absolutely thrilled that they truly care! Great team! I would strongly recommend!

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