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Treatment Plan

Your custom aligner treatment plan

Get a customized treatment plan from a Specialized team showing how beautiful your teeth will look after the aligner treatment.


Your case supervised by our Dental experts

Your case will be reviewed, planned and approved by a dental expert who is experienced in aligner treatment.


Support from our Smile Specialists Team

ALIGNERCO strictly believes in competency and high standards that is why we are always there to answer any questions you might have about the process.


Our Guarantee

100% money back if later our experts determine that you are not a right candidate.

22 reviews for SmileFlex Easy

  1. Johnny

    I started off with a Smile Advnatage plan but midway I decided to switch to an installment plan due to the financial crisis I was facing. I do not know so many companies who actually switch in the middle of the treatment but it was a swift move. They refunded my remaining due amount and allowed me to pay them monthly instead of upfront. They have literally made my life easy. And yes, my treatment is going well so far.

  2. Mishelle

    I lost my job due to Covid’19. I have been planning for months to get aligners for my teeth but it was difficult due to poor financial situation. I reached out to Byte but I couldn’t imagine to start with them considering their high prices. On the other hand, ALIGNERCO is affordable. I started with Smile Flex Easy plan. I have made 5 installments so far and my aligners are coming this week. I am super excited that I could afford to get my teeth straightened.

  3. JoJo Dannel

    The customer service for AlignerCo is so amazing! I was given step by step help and support with someone one on one which made this process so smooth. Using AlignerCo is so easy, affordable and effective. I was surprised at how easy it was to create my own molds and send it in and get my results back so fast. 10/10 would recommend. The installment plan which I went with is really very convenient financially.

  4. Samantha Moore

    My teeth are so bad that not a day went by that I wasn’t self conscious of smiling and talking. And I’m someone that talks ALOT, and loves to smile and laugh, but my wonky teeth kept me from being able to freely. Since I’m not able to afford wire braces fixed by the dentist, I began trying to find an alternative. I’d never heard of any thing like these, but after seeing others and doing some research I decided for the price I had nothing to lose. I can not tell you how happy I am that I did. They did take some time adjusting, and watching/reading others experiences, but I’m so happy.

  5. Owen Torres

    I purchased these aligners to prevent further damage to my teeth from shifting and align them. It is somewhat uncomfortable at first but then you will develop the habit of it. Has been pretty easy since. The teeth are looking more uniform and I have ordered retainers to keep them in place, this treatment is over. Overall good.

  6. Megan Davis

    I’ve wanted braces since I was young teen. Finally here I am and I couldn’t have asked for a better route. The impressions were easy with thorough instructions and my treatment is going great! I can’t wait to see my final smile. I highly recommend AlignerCo. It is affordable. A convenient treatment done in the comfort of your home. Staff is amazing, they’re patient and very helpful. Overall, I have had a great experience.

  7. Lucas Miller

    My biggest insecurity has always been my teeth and now I have an affordable, exciting and quick way to be more confident! I’m not kidding when I say I would recommend AlignerCo to any and everyone. I already have My little brother ordering his impression kit to get started because I’m Really happy with the results. See if AlignerCo works for you because it really is worth it.

  8. Harper Hernandez

    My teeth were in a terrible condition, well until I found these aligners which helped aligning them. This product is great!

  9. Earl Mullins

    Because of Covid, I wasn’t sure how I would get my teeth straightening treatment done. But since ALIGNERCO treatments are at home only and their customer service is great, I went for it! Totally in love with my smile now, Thank you Team ALIGNERCO for always sticking around for me!

  10. Arthur Roberts

    Just received my ALIGNERCO Clear aligners yesterday and they fit me perfectly! Super excited to see my final smile. I feel absolutely no pain, a slight discomfort which will wear off once I get used to the aligners. Very happy with the process so far

  11. Elbert Thompson

    I am currently in the 5th week of my teeth straightenig journey with ALIGNERCO and so far it has been a great journey. The customer service is quick to respond and very friendly. Excited to see the end results.

  12. Andy

    My friend referred me to Alignerco through their referral program and I referred my husband, MIL and SIL. All of us are very happy with the customer service and the treatment so far! Go, Alignerco

  13. Sara Robbins

    ALIGNERCO made the whole teeth straightening process easy and delivered my aligners also so quickly. I am very happy with how my teeth straightening journey is progressing so far. Still left with a few weeks, but very happy with the quality of aligners so far.

  14. Jonathon Weaver

    I cannot believe my gaps are actually closing in! Inever thought this would be possible, but then ALIGNERCO happened and I am very happy with the results personally. With so many options available in the market nowadays, I am glad I found a trustworthy brand like ALIGNERCO and got my teeth straightening done at the best price!

  15. Lawrence Wilkins

    I had a bad overbite since childhood and it has always been an obstacle for me in socialising. But the thought of going through painful treatments with metal braces daunted me and I did not even have the time to visit the dentist time and again. But now with ALIGNERCO, it is possible for me to get my overbite fixed without any discomfort, dental visits and at the best price possible! The customer service of ALIGNERCO is super friendly and helpful. Thank you Team ALIGNERCO for making achieving my dream smile possible.

  16. Owen Hall

    Right now there are so many brands offering at-home clear aligners treatment and it was so confusing to choose one. I went for the most affordable option ALIGNERCO and I have no regrets. The customer service is also absolutely fantastic, responds to all your queries very quickly and patiently. Super excited to share the final results with you all. Totally recommendable!

  17. Felicia Briggs

    My experience with ALIGNERCO has been amazing so far. I received the impression kit and aligners on time and it was all a very easy process with clear instructions. The customer service was also very helpful and reached back to me on time.

  18. Felix Gonzalez

    I have been loving my teeth straightening journey with ALIGNERCO so far. The customer service has been very helpful and check up on my journey from time to time. They have always been there to quickly answer any queries. 10/10 recommend it to everyone.

  19. Rogelio Thompson

    I struggled a lot with my confidence because of my crooked smile, but now with ALIGNERCO it is possible to achieve my dream smile again and that too without visiting the dental office even once.

  20. Deborah Welch

    I decided to choose ALIGNERCO for my teen and the results are unbelievably satisfying. He’s just halfway through, but we can already see the results. Getting high quality clear aligners at the most affordable price was the best deal!

  21. Chester Mcbride

    I was already impressed with the price of ALIGNERCO Clear Aligners, but wasn’t sure about the customer service. However, the customr service was also great, always received the correct instructions at the right time. The aligners were also pretty comfortable and fit my teeth perfectly. Overall very happy with the treatment.

  22. Johanna Brock

    Had heard about how fast the day time aligners showed diffference, but wasn’t sure about the nighttime ones. I am currently in the 2nd week of NightOnly Clear Aligners, and I can already see great results.

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