Unsure About Clear Aligners? Get a Smile Projection Before You Invest in the Treatment


Unsure About Clear Aligners? Get a Smile Projection Before You Invest in the Treatment

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile. A simple grin is enough to make someone’s day, and smiling is one of the most powerful ways to spread happiness. Unfortunately, not everyone has a flawless set of teeth. While straight, white, pearly teeth don’t define beauty, many people are self-conscious about crooked teeth or oral health. Straightening your teeth can have a positive impact on your mental health and self-confidence

There are several options when it comes to deciding what process to use for teeth straightening. One of the most popular in recent years is using clear aligners. They are very effective in rectifying issues and are “invisible”. Their subtleness makes them a perfect solution for adults who want to straighten their teeth. 

Clear aligners are an orthodontic treatment device. They are a form of dental braces made from transparent plastic used to adjust teeth and correct certain oral problems. They are most effective in treating gapped teeth, crowded teeth, overbites, and crossbites.

Aligners take anywhere from six months to a year to work, depending on the condition of your teeth. Each set of aligners is worn for a two week period. They work by putting a precise force on your teeth over time until they are moved to the desired position. 

Benefits of clear aligners

There are many benefits to opting for clear aligners over other forms of braces. Here are some of the main advantages.

  • Discreetness: Unlike metal braces, clear aligners are very subtle and often go unnoticed. While traditional braces typically have metal wiring and brackets protruding from them, aligners blend seamlessly with your teeth for a much more discreet appearance. 
  • Removable: Although you are recommended to wear your aligners for twenty to twenty-two hours per day, they are removable. You can take them out for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene practices. Metal braces aren’t removable and can be a nuisance at times. 
  • Low maintenance: Traditional braces can be tricky to clean around, sometimes leading to unhealthy teeth. They also require regular maintenance and adjustments. By taking out aligners for eating and brushing, you are maintaining your oral health and protecting your aligners. 
  • Comfort: A common complaint with metal braces is that they are uncomfortable and often painful. They can cause cuts and scratches to the gums and inner mouth. Aligners might cause slight discomfort at first but they are quite comfortable when you’re used to them and can be removed for convenience.

What to do if you’re unsure about clear aligners

Many people are unsure about getting aligners. There are several reasons for this, and most of these reasons revolve around uncertainty and mistruth about aligners and their effectiveness. 

The most frequently heard “myths” surrounding clear aligners is that they can’t fix severe orthodontal issues and that they take longer to work than traditional braces. The truth is that aligners can resolve many difficult problems and that the length of time needed to work depends on the ailment. 

Another reason that people might be unsure about getting clear aligners is the price. Although they have become a lot more affordable in recent years, aligners aren’t cheap. Fortunately, as well as being 65% cheaper than traditional braces, Alignerco has come up with a great solution to this issue. 

Smile Projection

Smile Projection allows you to get a before and after visual of your teeth before investing in the treatment. This helps give you peace of mind and makes you feel at ease in the knowledge that your teeth will be improved, without having to pay a high up-front cost. 

To start this process, you must order an impression kit. You will be sent an impression kit directly to your home, which you can use to create your dental impression. The kit comes equipped with impression putty and trays, a cheek retractor, and disposable gloves. This is all you need to make your impressions. For further assistance, you can schedule a video call with a team member from Alignerco. 

Once you take your impressions, send them back to Alignerco. We can then use our state of the art software to create a Smile Projection, giving you an indication of how straight your teeth will be after your aligner treatment. You may then visualize the final result before committing to the treatment. 

When you decide to go ahead with the process, Alignerco will create a customized invisible aligners treatment plan, specialized for you by our team of experts. After completing your aligner treatment, you will be the proud owner of straighter teeth, giving your smile an added injection of happiness.

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