Types of Braces – A Brief Outlook

Braces have been around for quite some time now, but thanks to the innovation, there has been a significant evolution in this segment. Here are some alternatives in the world of braces.

Traditional Metallic Braces

These are some of the oldest and the most effective braces today. Once attached, they move teeth position as required. Some of the new modifications among them are the heat archived arch-wires. It releases body heat in the mouth, allowing the teeth to move flexibly with lesser pain.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces bear a close resemblance to traditional braces and are made of using metal. The most significant advantage they offer is the visibility since they are fitted inside the teeth. It makes the usability quite easier. However, while looking from a broader spectrum, these metal braces are less effective than the traditional ones, owing to the time taken to attain the desired tooth alignment. Some patients also complain about their contact with the tongue, and this makes maintaining a bit difficult.

Damon Braces

Damon braces or the self-ligating braces are fitted in the usual way like metal braces. These braces are adjustable and slide smoothly, and the wires adjust naturally with teeth alignment instead of having fitting brackets. Thanks to the elastic bands holding the wire, these braces produce less friction and are comparatively easier to maintain. However, talking about the cost, these are one of the costly braces available in the market today.

Ceramic Braces

These braces resemble traditional ones. They are made using ceramic materials that merge with the natural colour of teeth, and this makes them less noticeable. While considering the effectiveness, they help in alignment without much issue. The only flaw noticeable with this type of braces is the costing and hassles in good maintenance.

While these are some popularly used braces over time, here is the showstopper in the world of braces today, the Invisible Aligners.

Invisible Aligners are among the best braces available these days. These are distinctively popular, thanks to custom-made safe plastic aligning structures, making them easy to use. They are easy to place and remove. Many patients have shown a liking towards these braces and have positive feedback regarding the treatment.

ALIGNERCO is a popular name, offering affordable Invisible aligners. They are of high quality and at par with leading brands today in terms of great support, amazing affordability, and high-quality product.

Invisible aligners are one of the friendliest clear braces available at a competitive price at ALIGNERCO. There’s absolutely no bargain for the quality of the product. We guarantee quality assurance and complete assistance for clear braces. Feel free to send us an email at support@alignerco.com or call us on (877) 840-1561

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